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ChinaVPN is perhaps one of the most focused sites on the Internet. That means we do very little about even less.

Still, it helps us do that very little very well.

Our Mission

We want to help our readers sneak their way past the Great Firewall of China. While the country itself can be stunningly beautiful, we can’t say the same about its policies, especially when it comes to digital freedom.

One of the best ways to overcome digital blocks on content and squirm out from under government surveillance online is by using a VPN. China, being the bitch it is, hates this and doesn’t want you to use VPN services either.

Because of this, trying to use a non-approved VPN in China can literally drive you bat-shit crazy. ChinaVPN aims to verify the best VPN services which can work most reliably within this draconian environment.

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How We Run Our VPN Tests

Testing to see if a VPN service can work reliably is an ongoing job. It’s isn’t something we can experiment on once then leave results “as is”. The fact of the situation is that the Great Firewall is not only extremely capable, but it is highly adaptive and aggressive as well.

This means that our testing is done on an ongoing and regular basis. We’re constantly connecting to VPN servers using various brands, just to see which can work on any given day.

Our Methodology

the crazy scientist

While this might sound like a lot of work…. it REALLY is. While the idea is structurally simple, practically it’s almost impossible to run this in China.

We run connectivity and speed tests every two hours for each VPN. That’s a total of 12 pairs of tests per service. That data is recorded down so we have a track record for each VPN. The key things we look for are stability in the ability of each VPN to bypass the Great Firewall, and usable speeds.

This is done via a location somewhere inside China. From there, our script attempts a connection to a server for each VPN. If the connection is made and remains alive for one minute, the script then tries to open Google.com.

Some of the VPNs we test offer the ability to pick what they deem is the fastest server for our server location. For those that do not, we ping all of their servers and pick the 50 fastest, randomly connecting to one each time.

Speed tests are carried out on the servers selected via the download of a 100MB file.

For the purists out there, yes, this is considered a fucked up test environment. However, we do what we can, so suck it.

Meet the Team

Serious Note: Some of our team members live in or travel to China very often – hence the use of cartoon avatar (China face recognition technology is no joke).

Jay Low aka “The Boss” (Founder)

Jay Low aka “The Boss” (Founder)

Jay is the brains behind the operation and has a lifetime of mad SEO skills. He’s come up through the wringer and cut his teeth in the business through sheer hard work and determination.

His path towards success is paved in broken websites, a small fortune spent on misadventures, and just enough grit to ensure survival. You can find Jay on.... (nah just kidding, not sharing his social profile here.)

Jason “Sell-that-Shit” Chow (Marketing)

Jason “Sell-that-Shit” Chow (Marketing)

Jasonicus can sell shit to anyone. If you’ve got it, he can sell it for you. In fact, if you don’t have it, he can still sell it for you. That’s just how good he is. His talent is in knowing the right people to speak to at exactly the right moment.

Heck, that’s how he came to join us. The boss was taking a shit and he asked “would you like some toilet paper with that?”

TT “Catch no Ball” Shane (English Writer)

TT “Catch no Ball” Shane (English Writer)

TT builds the stuff that Jasonicus sells. You might call them the shit and the shovel, so to speak. Never happier than when he’s tinkering with some tech, TT has this strange talent where he makes a fuckload of text appear on documents somewhat magically.

He calls it writing.

David “Smoking Gun” Cat (Developer)

David “Smoking Gun” Cat (Developer)

David is our code diver. He’s considered a polyglot among programmers since his expertise is in theory and he can code in multiple languages. A rabid chain smoker, our key concern when onboarding him was that he might burn down our equipment.

David has since resolved the issue by switching to Heets.

Mingo Wong (Chinese Writer)

Mingo Wong (Chinese Writer)

Roses among the thorns. Melissa speaks five languages, owns a cat-only hotel, and has adopted more stray cats than anyone else we ever knew.

Melissa is responsible for all Chinese texts appear on this site. She wants you to feed a stray cat if you enjoyed her writings.

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