Websites / Services Banned in China

Since you’re here you probably know that there’s a fuckton of sites you can’t access in China. Most of them were banned for reasons many of you might be able to guess even without my colourful commentary. 

No YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram. These restrictions not only apply to access of those websites but even apps won’t work.

To find out if your favorite site is blocked in China, check out our handy tool.

The Big 500 China Block List

Note: Some sites get banned in China really quickly and from time to time, may get un-banned just as suddenly. This list is as accurate as we can make it without dedicating 100 otters to updating it minute by minute.

Notable China-Banned Sites

Some of the more significant sites that are blocked include:


The biggest, baddest, search engine in the market, Google handles almost 92% of the world’s online queries. The biggest problems with Google and China is that it shows people real results, instead of those from only “officially approved” sources.


This popular social networking site throws up a major red flag for the CCP. They dislike it not just because it allows users an avenue to easily share stuff, but also join in discussions (shudder).


Again, this is a site that is driven by user-created content. The issue with Youtube stems from the face that some users upload content which (while real) may not be in line with what the Chinese government is willing to admit. Did someone say Tibet?


That’s right, another great source of information. No matter that Wikipedia is highly vetted by a shitload of editors who hold each other’s balls to the fire for accuracy, it isn’t accurate as in “officially recognized” by China. Tianan-what?


News on social media travels faster than you can say “oh shieeet”. THat, plus the fact that people again can discuss (more shudders) things on the platform make this one another no-no in China.

The Economist

You might wonder what the fuck a finance magazine gets blocked for. Pissing off the wrong person of course! One article entitled “Beware the Cult of Xi” (Jinping) was enough to get their ass fried since 2016.

Washington Post

One of the last few mainstream news organizations to get banned in China (along with the BBC). As with most new organizations, they cover everything, which isn’t what China thinks the People need.

The Epoch Times

Run by Chinese not under control by China, this news publication often covers a very negative side of the Chinese Communist Party. Established in China by Falun Gong (alo banned in China) members, it’s a cinch that they got banned. The news website was blocked since 2003 and never see daylight in China since then.

Human Rights Watch

Hey, it’s the website of an NGO about human rights. Of course since there aren’t many in China, this isn’t applicable to the people, so fuck them, right?


This video streaming site was on a rise to stardom in China. It served as an alternate venue for gamers to watch gaming competitions not covered by state-run media. If you’re waiting for the reason it got banned, that was it.

Key Takeaway

Don’t piss off China. Hoo-Rah!
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