Blocked in China?

Discover if any site is blocked in China

(Disclaimer: This tool isn’t 100% accurate. The Great Firewall is seriously hopped up on steroids and may block sites faster than we can detect.)

How to visit a blocked website in China?

Unfortunately, there is not an easy way out of this. To visit a site that is blocked in China you need a VPN which can get you past that Great Firewall. Anything else is simply not an option.

Which VPN works in China?

The Great Firewall is constantly being updated. This means it is difficult as shit to offer consistent services in the country. We consistently test a handful of the best providers which VPNs to make sure they work reliably there.

For a list of what works click here.

Is Using a VPN legal in China?

The use of VPNs is not banned outright in China. They do have a lot of associated regulations though, any one of which they can use to snag you faster than a toad’s tongue.

Tell me more about the Great Firewall of China?

It is a massive firewall that works on a nation-wide scale. It helps China control access to the Internet and monitors who is doing what. Read the Wiki page or our article here.

想知道甚麼網站被中國封鎖了 ?想要瀏覽被中国封鎖的网站?

要訪問在中國被封鎖的站點,你只有一個方法: 您需要一個VPN, 一種翻牆工具。

目前只有VPN可以幫助您繞過防火牆, 您別無其他選擇。


中國防火牆不斷更新。這意味著沒有一個VPN能100%做出保証絕对有效的服務, 所以我們只有通過不停地測試市面上具有口碑的VPN ,以確保它們的服務在當地是穩定且有效的在運作。





這是一個大型防火牆,號稱長城防火牆, 覆蓋全中華大地范圍內, 對中國人民進行互聯網監控, 你所
瀏覽的網站, 你的言論觀點, 凡你在互聯網上的一舉一動無所遁形。

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